Happy New Year - 2020

Updated: Jan 2

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a great 2019, but I hope you have an even better 2020.

Last night in New Zealand we celebrated the end of the decade with no name, we were debating this last night and the best we could come up with was the 10's??? sounds crap compared to the noughties, or the 90's or what we are in now the 20's.

A lot of people set new years resolutions, I personally have never been one of these people, I set Goals.

So today on the 1st of January 2020, the start of a new decade I am sitting at home, working on my goals for the next year.

Some of them are already a work in progress, I set a few goals late last year, and I am working on these, such as my trip to Europe at the end of July 2020, I have booked my cruise, and paid a deposit, I have booked my flights, but need to pay the rest of the cruise by the end of March, and also find accommodation where I will be going to before and after the cruise.

So some goals are in order to be able to afford these things.

The other goals, are personal, physical, and definitely more travel goals.

I have set this blog up to not only talk about travel and travel tips, but also to help motivate you the reader as well as myself.

I want to create content on a multitude of platforms, and already have a reasonable following on Facebook, and building up YouTube and Instagram as well as my podcasts, so the year of 2020 for me, is one where I want to be able to make travel (Blogging, Podcasts, YouTube) a viable business. So therefore I am dong some planning around this as you read this.

I am also starting this year with a goal to visit 5 new places/countries I have never been too, these are Samoa, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Spain, and Turkey.

I set a goal last year of 3 new places and fell short by 1, and that was because I didn't follow through properly on my goals, you see I feel a goal without a deadline is just a dream, so when you are setting your goals? I suggest over the next couple of days take some time and think about what you really want to achieve, be it personal, physical, health and wellness or travel, they have to be measurable and time bound. E.G. What are you wanting to do? How are you going to achieve it? Be Specific, How will you feel when you have achieved it ?(Think about this now and write your goal as if you've already achieved it) and When will this happen!

An example of this could be you want to travel to Hawaii for a weeks vacation in august 2020.


Now, How should the goal look?

It is the third week in August and I have just enjoyed the best week of my life staying at the beautiful resort in Waikiki Hawaii. I am feeling so relaxed and happy to have achieved this vacation.

My suggestion is set these goals, write them up, get pictures of them, and keep them somewhere you can see them often, like on your fridge, or on the mirror in your shower, in your car, or at work. Where will you see them often and what effect will that have on you.

That is all for today.

I hope you are already enjoying 2020, I know I am, All the best and safe travels.


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