The 5 Best Travel Items You Need Today!

We all know travelling is awesome, you get to go new places, and experience new things.

sometimes hotel rooms or cruise cabins don't have all the necessary items you need whether you are away for work or pleasure.

So here is a list with links of the top 5 items you should get to make your travels more comfortable and easy to manage.

1: Electric Luggage Scales.

If you like to shop till you drop, you may be pushing your limits for luggage weight requirements.

These electronic scales will help you measure your bags before you go away or during your trip so you never have to worry about unknown extra baggage fees! Yes you will still get charged extra for your extra baggage but at least you will know before you get to the airport, saving the surprises for when your credit card bill shows up the next month and you see how much you actually spent on holiday..

Link to this item:

2: Multi Device Charging Cable.

These days we have lots of different devices, such as mobile phones, GoPro cameras, regular cameras, headphones, power banks, that all require charging, and usually they require charging at the end of the day when you have been using these devices all day.

The problem a lot of hotel rooms have, or cabins on cruise ships is there are only so many USB outlets, or power points to plug into. So why not get one of these multi device charging cables?

They can accommodate a range of different devices all at once, saving you space, and not having to carry around multiple different charging cables for all your different devices, I love mine.

Link to Items:

3: Dual USB Wall Charger

As above, we have lots of different devices to charge whilst we are travelling, so make use of your limited space with a dual USB wall charger, these items are great when you are trying to get all of your devices charged up, and take up way less space than having lots of different chargers coming on holiday with you.

I have been using mine for a couple of years now, and it has been a really good, and cheap investment, meaning I can have my phone and tablet charging at once, or if you have the 2 pack of multi cables above you can have many more devices charging all at once.

Your room may resemble a second hand electronics shop, but you have less stuff to take away with you and more functionality.

Link to item:

4: Sky-clip portable phone holder.

Sometimes its just an OMG YES! when I saw this I was instantly in, and bought a few and gave a couple away to friends who travel a lot also.

The thing I liked is they are easy to use, work on both Apple and other phones, and means you can keep your hands free to do whatever else your hands need to do when you are watching stuff on your phone?

They attached to the tray table on the seat in front of you, and mean you can place your phone at a nicer angle rather than holding it your hands lower, causing less stress on your neck.

A really great item.

Link to Item:

5: Portable Mini Humidifier

Do you ever wake up after a night in a hotel room or a cruise ship cabin, and your throat is sore as the air conditioning has been on all night?

It happens all the time.

These mini humidifiers plug in to a USB space, and are small and portable, meaning you can minimise the harsh dry air of cabins, or hotel rooms, so you wake up without a throat so dry you feel you've spent 23 days in the Sahara desert with the only edible item being sand, sand and more sand!

Try one out on your next trip and let me know what you think?

Link to item:

There you have it, the top 5 items you need to take away with you on your next trip away.

Let me know your thoughts below, and please feel free to purchase through the links I have provided, it won't cost you anymore, but it will help me slightly as Amazon will kindly pay me a little something.

Also, please comment below on the items you must take away with you when you travel, I would love to hear what your must haves are.

Thanks, and safe travels,



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