The World has Changed

I write this, as for the past couple of months, and more recently especially it seems we as a human race has become all consumed with Covid-19 or Coronavirus, and as a travel blog its been really hard to know exactly what is happening in the world with travel planned, or for those who are stuck on the other side of the world, in foreign countries and with very little support or ability to get home to their own countries.

So I have decided to be quiet, and observe what has been happening.

I purposefully have not posted on social media, I haven't contributed to blogs, or on pages I often do.

There is no real reason apart from I guess at first I was probably a little bit like a lot of people, and I just though "oh, this will blow over" like other things have in the past.

Then as time went on, and borders were shut, people were scrambling to get back to their homes, it seemed and in fact did become much more serious.

It probably wasn't until mid last week this pandemic really effected me personally.

As selfish as this may sound, I was pretty bummed out last week, I like a lot of people realised their travel plans, in the near future had probably just gone up in smoke and we will be staying put in our own countries, states, cities, towns, and in some instances houses for the foreseeable future.

It was to be a big year of travel for me, with a trip to Australia to visit friends for a 40th Birthday party, which was cancelled. A trip to an annual conference in the U.S.A. in June which was to include a week in L.A with friends before hand, cancelled.

Then the big one, my European trip for 4 week in July/August. This trip has technically not been cancelled yet, however as it stands two thirds of the countries I am supposed to be visiting are in full lock down, and the other friends I was to be meeting there have pulled out already, so I whilst I try to remain positive, am starting to think this trip may be cancelled as well.

These are really insignificant things in the scheme of this global pandemic, and while I was feeling a little down about these things, I have come to accept that this is out of our control, things happen for a reason, and hey think of all the money we will save by taking some time out from travelling, meaning when we are allowed to venture out into the world again, we will be able to spend up large and help the global economy.

What does this mean? Well I have decided I will take a break from this travel blog for a while, until we know whats happening in the world at least.

I really need to focus now on my business, which can help me to make money, and pay the mortgage, and other bills, as this is more important that a for fun travel blog.

I need to figure out how to work from home probably, most of my business is going to meet people, so I've got the Zoom app, Skype and my mobile and I am moving into being an online insurance adviser full time as of tomorrow, Monday the 23rd March 2020.

I will offer all my clients a phone call in the coming weeks, to just touch base with them, and see how they are, offer a review time to discuss their personal financial situation, and assist where I can, whether they need to add more insurance, reduce their coverage, budget differently, or whatever financial they need, I'll try my best to support them.

If you want too keep in touch, I am setting up a new website you can take a look here:

So its goodbye for now, not forever, I really do look forward to travelling again (Hopefully this year) and I am sure you are too, I wish you the reader all the best, keep safe, do everytihg the world health organisation is telling you, and be kind to each other. All the best and Safe Staying at home.



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