Viking Sun - Tour and Review

Recently I was invited to tour the Viking Sun Cruise ship, and I really liked it.

You could almost stop reading now and go ahead and book a cruise on one of the Viking Cruise ships, as I am sure judging by this one they are all amazing.

What stood out to me, was it was simple, yet elegant, and not over the top gaudy.

Not a lot of gold, and black, or mirrors everywhere! that is to say you could tell it wouldn't be cheap, but it didn't look too expensive, I think it was upper middle class.

The common spaces were light, and large, plenty of natural light, and places to sit either away to read or relax alone, or choose one of the many tables and chairs to sit and drink with friends, or play a board game, or cards, or whatever you wanted to do.

(Some of the common areas, in the Viking Lounge)

The ship holds 930 guests, and it has no inside cabins, all are veranda or above concluding with an owners suite, complete with your own personal sauna, a lounge, dining room, and board room, with enough room to seat 12 of your business associates, complete with TV and Skype so you can always be connected to the business world.

For more on the cruise ship please check out the video tour I did on this website or on YouTube:

On-board the amenities include a Spa, three dining rooms, a buffet, many bars and cafes, a main swimming pool with a retractable roof, so if its raining you can still stay dry around the pool! (Pointless if you are already in the pool) some hot tubs, and on the very rear of the ship on deck 7 an infinity pool.

Also on board is the theatre where they change up the entertainment often, and with local entertainment, there were to be some local New Zealand performers doing a show the night we were on board. There are also attached to the main theatre 2 smaller cinemas, and they are constantly on showing documentaries, movies, ted talks and the like. Also there are some gift shops, and a self service laundry.

On the hotel side, you have guest services and a tour desk where you can book excursions etc.

The Viking Sun was in the Port of Auckland, New Zealand as part of its world cruise, where some guests had boarded in Miami Florida, and departing in London 161 days later, stopping in 33 countries and as part of their trip were getting included 77 tours, also included in their passage is all their food, internet, accommodation, and some alcoholic beverages at lunch and dinner times, you could also upgrade to unlimited beverages for around $20USD per day, or pay as you go with your on-board account.

(A Map of where you would go and visit on a Viking World Cruise)

Personally a world cruise is 100% on my bucket list, but I would wait till I am slightly older, it could be a cool thing to do when I retire.

I am not an ageist, however being a 38 year old solo traveller, the cruise line, and the passengers were probably in a slightly higher age demographic to myself.

I also would not think that the cruise would cater much to solo travellers, although solo travellers would be more than welcome, they don't offer a solo supplement, meaning for us solo cruisers, it would be a reasonably expensive trip away, even on a shorter cruise.

Doing a shorter cruise on a Viking ship is going to happen for me soon, I have decided I want to do the Northern Lights at some stage, and their itineraries look really good. I just need to figure out when that will be! Haha.

I really enjoyed taking a look around the Viking Sun, it was a lovely ship, the staff were really friendly, the guests on-board seemed happy, and friendly, and the food looked amazing, with plenty of options, you wouldn't go hungry or wouldn't get bored with the choices, especially as most of the food outlets change up the menus to reflect the local region they are in, and which season they are in, so you will never grow tired of the food choices.

The have the Main dining room, an Italian Restaurant called Manfredi's, and another restaurant called the Tasting Room (this menu changes all the time, and uses the freshest local ingredients).

As well as these restaurants, the have Mamsens a small buffet, the Pool Grill, and the World Cafe the larger buffet, these are all on the 7th Deck.

On the 7th and 8th Deck of the ship, right at the front is the explorers lounge which offers unobstructed views from floor to ceiling windows, with lots of places to sit and relax, and a bar there should you feel the need to imbibe.

The staterooms, are practical and comfortable, and quite roomy, all rooms are a veranda or above, this photo is of a Deluxe Veranda room, it has a king size bed, a Nespresso coffee machine, a nice bathroom, with really good condiments such as shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, soaps, and in large sizes, as well as the standard hair dryer. they had good cupboard spaces, two seats in the room, a 42inch TV, a fridge to store things in as well as a mini bar, and the veranda with coffee table and chairs.

The rooms look very nice and comfortable, with plenty of room.

All in all, it was a very nicely appointed cruise ship, a lot of attention to detail had gone into the finishing, things like leather trimmed hand rails on all the stairwells, a lot of the sofas had rugs, pillows, or hides of animals, (not sure if they were real or not) the amount of space and seating in the common areas, the way they change the art work on the large screen in the main foyer to local art, the food (Insert drooling emoji here) and the staff, made this ship from Norway really feel like an explorers up market Nordic Getaway, I am sure for the most part all of those who travel on this ship will thoroughly enjoy themselves, and the many activities and amenities on board.

Until next time,

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